I am a mom. That statement seems so common place. Yet I believe it is the cry of a warrior, a love song worthy of a troubadour, and the slightly overused catch phrase of a super hero. At least these are the things that I think of when I think of my mother. When I was a child my mother was a weekday warrior who still found a way to make dinner (nearly) every night and strived to put a little magic into everyday. She was always my mother first and my friend second. I never understood, as a child, what that meant. But now as a mother myself I get it. My mother’s job was to get me to adulthood as healthy and well-adjusted as possible, and if that meant that she had to make decisions that would seem harsh or unfair to my naive eyes, so be it. My mother was, and is, my everyday hero. My mother wasn’t perfect but that’s okay. She was a (not so) Super-Mom. As a mother now myself that is exactly what I strive to be. This blog is about the triumphs and tragedies of an average, everyday mom just figuring out as she goes.I hope it will be a light in the darkness for those who feel like they are alone and a sounding board for those who have been there and have the cesarean scars and spit up stained clothes to prove it. It is for every stay-at-home mom, weekday warrior, single mom working two jobs, mother-to-be, and even the ones who have it all figured out. It is for all the (not so) Super-Moms.


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